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Today, business is being reinvented and its time to get ahead. Use digital marketing to discover new opportunities and empower your company.

Specialized in using the power of digital as a business and marketing tool, I can imagine, reinvent, create, plan and execute strategies, focused on increasing the reach, visibility and conversion of your business. My in-depth understanding of digital marketing, online advertising, multi-channel campaign management, user experience, online data analysis, e-commerce and related operations, allows me to create successful programs to support digital transformation and business development.

As a Digital marketing specialist, I am expected to stay on top of digital trends and respond to challenges with creativity, innovation and cost-effectiveness.

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My Professional


2008 May - Present


Swiss federal institute of technology

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing & eCommerce
I have been working in the Digital field for 16+ years, by the EPFL Press, based at the Rolex Learning Center of the Swiss federal institute of technology (EPFL). As a Digital Marketing manager, I am expected to identify market opportunities and set strategies focused on leveraging the strength of Digital marketing and eCommerce. My main responsibilities are to extend and develop eCommerce activities, identify target audiences, build brand and products awareness, maintain digital marketing campaigns. These are runned in a multi-channel perspective - with a special focus on digital communication, visibility, customer experience, sellability, scalability and global value creation. I also coordinate the launch of websites and digital publishing programs with agencies and partners, such as Google.

About The EPFL Press - PPUR

EPFL Press (PPUR) is an internationally renowned publisher, based at the Swiss federal institute of technology (EPFL) in Lausanne. The high quality requirements confers to the Press an international reputation as a reference publisher in the French-speaking world, but also worldwide thanks to its English-language imprint: The EPFL Press.

2007 March - 2008 April

Sustainable development

Republic and State of Geneva

Project and communications officer

I worked for the Geneva State Service of Sustainable Development for one year, in the context of a replacement. I was responsible for supporting projects focused on sustainable development policies. My main mission consisted in communicating, informing and encouraging sustainable consumption by the population, with an emphasis on individual behavior within a collective project, presented in a press conference by the Geneva's State Councellor Pierre-François Unger. My contribution was to coordinate that project and introduce, into the Service, Web 2.0 Digital tools for management and communications. I also coordinated the translation, proofreading, design, layout and publication of The Geneva guide for sustainable living.

The Geneva State Service of Sustainable Development

The Geneva State Service of Sustainable Development was launched in 2001 as a will to integrate sustainability in the heart of public action. Securing economic development, social equity and justice, and environmental protection is the main goal of the Service, that drives the Geneva's Agenda 21.

2006 March - 2006 December

Economic Cooperation

Swiss State secretariat for economic affairs

Transverse internship at SECO

I worked for the Economic Cooperation and Development, a division of the Swiss State secretariat for economic affairs (SECO), as part of a transverse internship. My main mission in the Division was to maintain and update ISO 9001 procedures, in accordance with my colleagues and superiors. As a result, the audit of my division was fully approved by appointed auditors, following the ISO 9001 quality management rules. I was also contributing in project reporting, communications, press releases and websites updatings.

A Division of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

The Economic Cooperation and Development Division of SECO is responsible for the planning and implementation of economic cooperation and development activities with developing countries. It coordinates Switzerland's relations with International economic organisations.

1999 October - 2005 December

Other experiences

Medias and education

During my studies

I had different part-time jobs ever since I started my university studies. All of them allowed me to experience my potential in different environments. Please find below the most relevant positions that I held:

> Editor's deputy, Radio Cité Genève, 5 years
> Internship, Radio suisse romande, French spoken swiss radio, 3 months
> Private teacher, Association of private teaching, 5 years
> Replacement teacher, Republic and State of Geneva, 2 years

My Studies


2009 September - 2011 June

Postgraduate Education

Marketing Strategy & eBusiness

Business Venture Course

Marketing strategy, Communication and eBusiness - HEC Geneva

In order to complete my practical experience in Digital marketing, I achieved a postgraduate program in Marketing strategy, Communication and eBusiness at the Geneva School of Economics and Management (HEC). This executive program provided me helpful professional knowledge underpinning the principles of marketing strategy and eBusiness, as well as skills to undertake digital programs and marketing plans.

VentureLab - HEC Lausanne

VentureLab is a national program of the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation that works in close collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) and the Business and Economics Faculty of Lausanne (HEC Lausanne).

I applied to the Venture Challenge Business Program, by presenting the business model of a web based road map project, with an advertising-supported revenue model. As my application went through the selection process of innovative business projects, I achieved this program, organized into practical and project-oriented modules.

1999 September - 2005 October

University of Geneva

Economics and social sciences

Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Master in Sociology

I started my studies in the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Geneva, where I achieved a Master Degree in Sociology with a wide focus on Administrative and Political Sciences. The studies program was skill-oriented combining profound learning modules in different methods (social dynamics, individual behavior, network analysis, communications, audiovisual, discourse analysis, statistics, intervention techniques, observation) and a final year project thesis.

Postgraduate Program in Public management

After my Master Degree I followed a postgraduate program in Public Management. I learned how to analyse public management issues, using models and concepts from the social sciences and quantitative disciplines. I also acquired skills in politics, law, public administration, decision-making, policy making by performing works of analysis and assesments.


  • EPFL


    Based at EPFL, for whom it's the preferred publisher, the PPUR is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its foundation, with nearly 900 titles published and one-and-a-half million works distributed, by strengthening its digital publishing... >READ MORE

  • State

    of Geneva

    The project, launched in 2008, aimed to encourage civil society to adopt eco-actions intended to have a positive impact on the environment and build the capacity of communities to sustain these activities into the future. >PRESS RELEASE

  • HEC


    There are a lot of misconceptions about online reputation. In this article, also published into a book, I explain the role of online reputation in the media landscape. >READ THE ARTICLE

  • EPFL


    Basées à l'EPFL, dont elle sont l'édiseur privilégié, les PPUR passent le cap du 30e anniversaire de leur fondation, avec près de 900 titres publiés et un million et demi d'ouvrages diffusés, avec une présence numérique affirmée... >CONSULTER

What I’m best at

Practical Skills


Digital Marketing Strategy 92%
eCommerce & Operations 89%
Brand Management 83%
User Experience 93%
Computing Skills 70%


Web project management

Planning, executing, and delivering web projects while ensuring quality, budget, and time targets are met or surpassed.

Multichannel digital marketing

Crafting digital strategies and leveraging multiple channels to spread marketing messages.


Creating interconnected ecommerce sites to provide cohesive shopping experiences.

Language Skills



  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Growth Marketing
  • Google Analytics IQ
  • eCommerce Analytics
  • Marketing Strategy
  • eBusiness
  • Digital communication
  • Innovation management
  • Design Thinking
  • Viral Marketing

Hobbies & Interests

  • Sports


    I enjoy practicing sports as volley ball, running, snowboarding, windsurfing and chess.

  • Photography


    Photography is one of my favorite hobbies during holidays.

  • Marketing


    I always enjoy learning more about marketing and exploring new digital trends.

  • Movies


    I enjoy watching science fiction and fantastic movies in theaters and at home as well.

  • Technology


    I am passionated by Digital transformation and the impact of the Internet on society.

  • Travel


    I am passionated about travelling and discovering new places and cultures.

  • Reading


    I enjoy reading books, newspapers and magazines, especially when the main topic addresses digital transformation.

  • Music


    One of my favorite hobbies is listening to different types of music and playing guitar as well.

My core


  • + >

    Optimisation & Advertising

    From 2008

  • + >

    eCommerce strategy

    From 2009

  • + >

    User experience

    From 2009

  • + >

    Multichannel marketing

    From 2008

  • + >


    From 2009

  • + >

    eCommerce operations

    From 2008

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